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Frequently asked questions

What vaccines does my dog need?

All dogs should have a rabies vaccine up to date at all times for legal as well as health reasons.  They should also have DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza) vaccines kept up to date.  We recommend leptospirosis vaccine for most dogs and bordatella vaccine for dogs who will be exposed to other dogs (via boarding, groomers, dog park, etc).  Lyme vaccine is also recommended. 

What vaccines does my cat need?

All cats should have a rabies vaccine kept up to date.  We recommend FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia) is kept up to date but there is no legal requirement.  Cats that go outside or could get outside should have FeLV vaccines kept up to date. 

What are the benefits of having a dog or cat spayed?

The spay procedure offers health benefits for pets that are intact. The number one reason to have your female pets spayed is for population control.  In addition, the spay procedure provides health benefits by preventing infection in the uterus (pyometra) which can be a potentially life threatening condition which require emergency surgical care.  Early spay (before the first heat cycle) is very protective against mammary tumors in both female dogs and cats. 

What are the benefits of having a dog or cat neutered?

 Having dogs and cats neutered provides both behavioral and health benefits.  Compared to intact male dogs, male neutered dogs are often much easier to control and much less likely to get into trouble (the biggest concern that we have is getting hit by a car).  Neuter also provides prevention for urogenital problems such as prostate infections and testicular cancers.  Male dogs that are neutered are easier to train generally and are less likely to participate in urine marking behaviors in the house.  Male cats that are not neutered have very pungent urine.  They are also much more likely to “urine mark” or urinate outside of the litter box.  Neutering cats also decreases the likelihood of prostate and testicular problems. 

How important is heartworm medication?  
Heartworm medications are important for several reasons.  The first and most obvious is to prevent heartworm disease.  Heartworms are carried by mosquitos and can be transmitted to both dogs and cats via the bite of a carrier mosquito.  That exposure can lead to an infection where the worms grow and reproduce in the lungs and heart of infected animals.  This can be a life threatening infection.  In addition, heartworm preventatives work to prevent intestinal parasites as well.  These are much more common and some can be a risk to infect people as well (especially young children).  It's important to keep pets on heartworm preventative to prevent heartworms as well as prevent these dangerous gastrointestinal parasites.  

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